EFFILUX has released a new line of hyperspectral lighting solution products based on a proprietary LED that offers a tunable continuous spectrum from 400 nm to 900 nm. The LED can be strobed and multiple LEDs can be mounted on a single PCB for increased output intensity. According to the manufacturer, the new LED provides spatial and spectral uniformity without wavelength-dependent angular absorption effects. The new LED is designed for implementation in various designs including bar, ring, backlight, line light, and projector, among others. EFFILUX currently offers the new LED in its EFFI-Flex bar light. The new LED will soon be available in the EFFI-BL backlight and EFFI-SHARP projector. Contact: EFFILUXHeadquarters: Paris, FranceProduct: Hyperspectral lighting HSI rangeKey Features: Tunable continuous spectrum from 400 nm to 900 nm. Share your vision-related news by contacting Dennis Scimeca, Associate Editor, Vision Systems DesignSUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTERS Micro Film Equipment, Light Control, Stand Backdrop, Stand Backdrop – Focus,https://www.focusstudiox.com/