In the past, it was only possible to purchase cannabis extracts from your local dispensary, but these days you can make your own extracts right at home using a rosin press. Extracts like rosin are becoming more and more popular for home growers and hobbyists due to the easily accessible tools the make the job quick and mess-free.

In this article, I will go over the five best rosin presses on the market today. Each one is at a different price point and they are all uniquely designed with different features so you will be able to find the perfect press for your needs on this list!

The brick press is unique in that it does not use heat. This is a simple hydraulic press that puts 4 tons or 8,000 lbs of force on to the plant material, making it in to more of a hash than a straight up oil or rosin. You can add your own heat to this press if you wish. The aircraft aluminum it is constructed out of retains heat better than steel. This press is crafted out of one solid piece of aluminum, which also makes it much more light weight than other presses.

This press is built to last and will not cool down or heat up too quickly after you apply a heat source to it. There are no seams or gaps anywhere in the construction that will trap rosin or dirt, making this an incredibly safe and easy to clean piece of equipment. This press will make a brick of 3″x5″ up to 2″ in thickness.

The DUlytek is a machine designed specifically for marijuana rosin manufacturers. This steel machine is not very large at 18.9 x 13.6 x 10.4 inches. It weighs only 63 lbs so it can be used by home growers as well as professionals and industrial grow operations. maximum pressure is three tons, and will not leak oil like hydraulic presses or make a bunch of excess noise like pneumatic presses. 

This press has dual 5″ heating plates with double temperature controls and timer, andyou can adjust the temps in farenheit or celsius. It is a hands free, plug and play machine that makes rosin manufacturing easy. THe work area is lit by LED and the handle design is ergonomic for ease of use. There are suction cups at the feet of the machine to keep it in place while you work. 

This hand powered rosin press from MyPress features high pressure extraction with a heat range of 100 to 250 degrees F. THere is a digital temperature control screen, 3″x3″ stainless steel plates and a small footprint that is easy to transport and use at home. This kit comes with 25 micron screen bags, stainless steel pollen press and a silicone mat with parchment paper for a mes-free press. This is a nice less expensive kit to get you started right away. 

The CA Heat Press pneumatic rosin press is a professional quality press that is easy enough to use in your home. It has a true 5,000 PSI and large s 6″x8″ heat plates with dual temperature control. The heat can be set from room temperature up to 500 degrees F. The pressure is also adjustable up to 5,000 PSI, as well as the pressing time. Each press comes with a one year warranty and comes with heat resistant gloves. 

This press from CA Rosin Press has extra large heating plates and dual temperature control for even greater customization of yoru rosin-making process. The plates are 6″x8″ and provide a true PSI of 5,000. This press uses a digital control panel on each side of the front to control the heat on both the top and bottom plates. The top of this machine features a super robust pneumatic cylinder that is very durable and long lasting. The heat plates can provide up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so even though this press does not give as much pressure as more expensive options you still can get a significant amount of rosin out. This company is well known for their customer support, and all units are stocked and shipped here in the USA.

Whether you have grown your own weed from seed to harvest, or you buy your buds at the dispensary, you can make your own extracts at home with some simple equipment. Rosin Tech, Pressed Hash, Rosin Oil, or just plain Rosin - Whatever your name for it, this popular substance is taking the cannabis world by storm. Rosin is extracted THC that consists of the pure trichomes from your weed plants. Because it is extracted using heat or high pressure, there is no need to use chemical solvents, which can be costly, dangerous, difficult to remove entirely from the final product and even toxic. Rosin is the best way to dab, and once you try it you may never return to solvents for making your THC extracts.

The first heat-pressed rosin was discovered by a clever stoner who thought to use parchment paper and a simple, drugstore-purchased hair straightener. The trichomes melt when you squish the buds in between the heated plates of the hair straightener, and the goopy THC-laden oil is pressed out on to the parchment paper.

Hair straighteners tend to be very high heat and they are not reliable in terms of temperature control. While they offer a nice and inexpensive at-home solution, and it can be fun to use this method, you can easily end up burning your product and wasting some of your precious rosin. Even if you do not burn it, you will never extract the full amount of rosin from your buds using a hair straightener, so you always end up wasting some.

A better solution for anyone who wants a professional level product is a rosin press. Professional rosin presses use a combination of heat and pressure to extract the maximum amount of rosin and THC from your plants. You can use buds or shake and end up with a beautiful harvest of rosin every time. Rosin presses can be expensive, but if you plan on growing a lot of weed and making a lot of rosin, they are well worth the investment.

This is especially true for commercial growers. The competition for selling products at dispensaries is high, and without the best equipment you will definitely fall behind the pack and lose customers.

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