The last Pokémon Go Fest of the year is happening this weekend in Yokohama, Japan, and Niantic is bringing back special hat Pikachu globally to celebrate.

Pikachu will return in Santa hats, detective caps, party hats, witch hats, flower crowns, summer straw hats, and of course, Ash Ketchum’s original hat from Aug. 5 at 9 p.m. ET until Aug. 12 at 4 a.m. ET. Which hat style shows up will change each day.

This will be your best shot to catch up on any special hatted Pikachu or Raichu you’re missing, but note that there are a couple of hats missing from this list: the recent straw hat Pikachu that mimics Monkey D. Luffy’s hat from the anime One Piece, and the black baseball cap that was a collaboration with designer .Hiroshi Fujiwara

It’s unknown if this also means that Pichu will hatch from eggs wearing the hats or not, but Pichu are in the 7-kilometer egg pool, and an event is about to begin that temporarily reduces how much you have to walk to hatch any newly received 7 km eggs. That all being said, this might also be the best opportunity to hatch any hat Pichu you don’t have.

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